Create Custom Mouse Gestures in Opera

Opera was the first browser to introduce mouse gestures. In version 11, it alsoOpera Mouse Gesture introduced visual gestures. Visual gestures show hints about what gesture will perform what function.

Visual Gestures in Opera

Opera has one more gesture related feature which is unique in a way, it allows us to create custom gestures.

How to create a new gesture

There are a fixed set of commands for which custom gestures can be created. Creating gestures is a very simple process. Follow these steps to create a new gesture:

  1. Click on Opera button, then go to Settings>Preferences
  2. Go to the Advanced tab and select Shortcuts from the left
  3. On the right under Mouse Setup you will see Opera Standard. Click on it, then click the Duplicate button on it’s right. A new setting will appear named Copy of Opera Standard.
    Opera Preferences - Customize Gestures
  4. Double click on Copy of Opera Standard. The Edit Mouse Setup dialog will appear. Expand the first line, Application, by clicking on plus symbol
  5. You will be able to see all the default gestures here. Gestures are defined by the words GestureLeft, GestureUp, GestureRight and GestureDown. Note the capitalisation. To define a new gesture click on the New… button on the right. A new line will appear. Write the gesture you want to use (for example, GestureLeft, GestureRight) then press the tab key.
  6. Start writing the name of function, say Paste and go. You will get suggestions of all the available functions. Select Paste and Go from the list and press enter. Click OK and come out.
    Create or Edit mouse gestures in Opera

You have just created a new gesture. Now try copying a URL from any application (sample: Now perform the gesture. The URL will open in a new tab.

Combining multiple functions in a single gesture

You can also combine multiple functions in one gesture. For instance, create a new gesture and write this as its function: Set alignment, “hotlist”, 6 | Set alignment, “hotlist”, 0

These are two functions combined with a Pipe which is a commonly used symbol to denote OR. When you perform this gesture, it will toggle the sidebar. If multiple functions are combined this way, it starts from the left and performs the first function that is possible.

You can also use && as the symbol to perform multiple functions with a single gesture. Take the following example:

Go to page, “” && New page && Go to page, “”

If you write the above line as the function for a gesture, performing the gesture will open both Google and Bing with a single gesture. It is actually 3 functions combined into one using the && symbol.

Backup Mouse Gesture setup

If you create new gestures, you might want to copy it to other computers or might want to keep a backup in case you need to reinstall. These configurations are not backed up by Opera Links. So you will need to take a backup manually.

The configuration is stored in an INI file in the opera profiles directory. To know the exact path, type Opera:about in the address bar. Note the path beside the text Opera Directory. On a normal installation it will be something like C:\Program Files\Opera\Profile. Open the path using Windows Explorer. You will see a directory named mouse. Open this directory. There will be a file named Standard_Mouse (1).ini. Backup this file.

In case you need to use it on another Opera installation, paste this file to this directory. Then go to Preferences>Advanced>Shortcuts and select it under Mouse setup.

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