World Is Moving Away From Windows and Microsoft Is Only Helping

Let me start with a disclosure, I have used Windows 8 Consumer Preview for about 5 minutes, yet I am writing about it. I had used the developer preview a lot, 5 More »

How to Activate and Use SBI Mobile Banking [India Only]

The world is increasingly going online. A lot of people are spending money online. And at the same time, smartphones are replacing laptops as our preferred gadget on the move. So it More »

Connecting Samsung DLNA TV to PC via LAN

I recently got a Samsung LCD TV and was pretty excited about the Ethernet Port. But very soon I discovered that my router was not supported and I could not connect to More »

6 reasons why Opera should be your default browser

I am a big fan of Opera browser. I have been using it since before I got an internet connection at home. Back at those times I used it to test me More »

Backup and sync your phone with everdroid

We all love to change phones, we would be happiest if we could have all the phones at once. But since that is not possible, most of us try to change it More »


Transfer files from PC to Android wirelessly

WiFi_file_sender_logo Though Wi-Fi has become really popular these days and anyone and everyone has a Wi-Fi enabled home network, not many people are able to fully utilize it. So here's an app that will help you make better use of your home network. Wi-Fi file sender is an app that helps you transfer files from PC to android, More »

Flyte is Grounded, Will iTunes Take Off?

Flyte_Logo Flipkart is shutting down its Flyte music store on 17th June. It had informed all the customers of Flyte about the shutdown by an email on 29th May. In case you missed the email and have been a customer, you might want to keep the following dates in mind: June 17, 2013: No purchases will be allowed More »

How To Combine Multiple Email Accounts with Gmail

Multiple_Email_Logo So, you have 4 email accounts, all active and you don't know which emails are being sent to which account. As a result, every time you want to check your email, you have to check all four of them. And this is driving you nuts. This is not a very unique situation. Many of us create accounts with every More »

View Mobile Websites in Firefox with Go-mobile

Go-Mobile_Logo These days a lot of internet browsing is being done with mobile devices, be it phone, tablet, iPods or whatever. As a result most websites have a separate interface for mobile devices. These mobile interfaces are mostly lighter on the bandwidth. As a result, whenever my internet would be working slowly, More »

Resize and Share Images on The Fly

AltaPixShare_featured There are many software one can use to resize images. Some even make it pretty simple, like drag and drop. But if you are resizing images for email or online sharing, there still remains the hassle of saving them and then locating them in Windows Explorer. AltaPixShare makes things even simpler by allowing More »

Surf the web together with

Channelme_Logo How often do you share links across email and social networking sites? Often, I guess. I have seen people sharing links of blogs etc. but mostly people share links of online shopping sites. People love to discuss products and make buying decisions with their friends and family members. There's a more More »